Brand strategy



Informed by bespoke market intelligence and insight through its global network of correspondents, Feed-studio analyses target audience behavior, articulates vision and defines the positioning required to establish new brands or revitalize existing ones.




Corporate identity design



Obsessive attention to typographic detail and layout are evident in all aspects of our corporate identity design. As logos are drawn, colour palettes are defined and fonts are crafted, a distinctive brand world is created to communicate the values of the client. Standard applications are typically delivered for stationery and a comprehensive range of printed items, while specialist material to date has included aircraft liveries, television idents and store signage.





Website design and development



Our expertise and knowledge in web mechanics have grown as rapidly as the internet and we are capable of creating any type of website template and development by mixing an active dose of our graphic design talent with two powerful doses of web development and a few more ingredients.


Website design is more than just fashioning a website to look nice and pretty but it is also an effective tool to get an attention from your customers. We specialize in creative website design and web development. Your ideas assist us in better serving you, so please do not ask us what we can do… simply tell us what you want. We will work with you on website design or development that works for your business and make sure that the web sites gets outstanding results.


Also, we care for social marketing. Integrate your site with popular social network, Facebook, Twitter and etc. Taking care of your Facebook fanpage and Twitter timeline is including to our service to maximize value to your website.